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Mark Bowden, one of my favorite writers, has just published a new book with a very frightening theme. The new book is titled Worm. It is the story of a threat to worldwide computers which came from a piece of malware which came to be known as Conficker. It happened in November of 2008 and provoked the efforts of a group of Internet pioneers, ex-hackers and cyber-security professionals who came together to fight this threat. Bowden notes that these attacks may portend the wave of the future. Another example of this type of attack is the Stuxnet worm which set back the Iranian nuclear  effort.

One Book, One Community

Now is the time to start planning to attend the great events which will be upon us shortly for the One Book, One Community Program. The book selected for this year is Farewell My Subaru by Doug Fine. This is an engaging and humorous story about Fine’s efforts to reduce his carbon footprint and still enjoy his lifestyle. The One Book, One Community Program includes a myriad of events which will present to you an outline of how to emulate Fine’s “epic adventure in local living.” These include book discussions, an essay and video contest and a superb lineup of events. Go to the website to obtain the full details. And be sure to look at the link for our Facebook page.

Mother Nature

Danbury has recently been reminded about the power of Mother Nature. We had an earthquake on August 23. This past weekend we felt the power of Hurricane Irene and are still suffering from its aftermath with widespread loss of power. Danbury has suffered things like this before. One of its greatest natural disasters was the great flood of the Still River in October of 1955. There is a marvelous book of photographs of this disaster in the Local History Room. But we came through these disaters and prospered. The library can help people without power. We have Internet access, Wi-Fi access and power to charge your cell phones. We are available to help you.