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The Doors in Danbury

1967 was a memorable year in the life of the musical group The Doors. They scored an enormous success with the release of their first album and embarked on a tour to capitalize on their notoreity. There is a new book about them entitled The Doors: A Lifetime of Listening to Five Mean Years by Greil Marcus. I have looked through it hoping that it would discuss one the stops on their tour. Alas there is not a mention of it in the book. For The Doors played at Danbury High School on October 17, 1967. Their appearance was staid in comparison with the controversies Jim Morrison later created in New Haven and in Florida!

The Royal Library

We all remember King George the Third as a thorn in the side of the American colonists and a bitter foe during the American Revolution. But George was also something of a bibliophile and created an impressive Royal Library during his reign (1760-1820). This collection became known as The King’s Library and was quite an impressive achievement. Frederick Barnard served  George III as Royal Librarian from 1773 to 1830. The collection eventually grew to 65,000 volumes and was subsequently donated to the British Museum and then to the British Library where it currently resides in the King’s Library Tower.