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The Beauty of Connecticut

Louis Untermeyer was the author, editor or translator of more than one hundred books. He is best known today as a superior poet as well as a great friend of Robert Frost. He eventually moved to Connecticut when he was older. He bought a farm in Newtown and described his love for Connecticut: “I live on an abandoned farm in Connecticut…ever since I found my native New York unlivable as well as unlovable…On these green and sometimes arctic acres I cultivate whatever flowers insist on growing in spite of my neglect; delight in the accumulation of chickadees, juncos, cardinals, and the widest possible variety of songless sparrows; grow old along with three pampered cats and one spoiled cairn terrier; season my love of home with the spice of annual travel… and I am always happy to be home again.”

Graham Green & Rare Books

Graham Green was one of the foremost novelists of the 20th Century. He was also an astute film critic. In addition to these talents he was also a collector of rare books. He was quoted as saying that if he had not been a writer, he would like to owned and run a secondhand bookshop. At the time of his death his collection numbered 3,000 volumes with as many as 500 editions signed or inscribed by the greats of modern literature.