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A Word or Two

This past summer saw Christopher Plummer appear in an acclaimed tour de force in Canada entitled A Word or Two. Mr. Plummer, who resides in Weston , Connecticut also finally won an Oscar for his superlative performance in Beginners. A Word or Two is a one man show about Plummer’s love of literature and how it has enhanced his acting career. “My parents were very well-read, and made literature quite an adventure for me…I think that’s the way all families should treat their youngsters, showing them what joys, what wonders literature can give us.”

Mervyn Peake

Mervyn Peake was a British poet, writer, painter and illustrator who is sadly little known today. He had an extraordinary output of materials in all these fields. One of the most incredible pieces of work that he did as a painter was a series that he did in 1940 for the Ministry of Information. He created the paintings in the style of the art of Adolf Hitler. He showed, using his own imagination, mutilated, raped or starving victims of war atrocities as he imagined Hitler might have drawn them before these became generally known. The British government backed off from using them as propaganda but the paintings were exhibited for the first time in 2011.