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Assembling Your Family Tree

Calling all genealogists! Come to a workshop on June 5 from 11-12:30 in the Library Technology Center. John O’Donnell, Danbury Library’s local history and genealogy expert, will be talking about the Ancestry database, how to create a research log, and the Genealogical Proof Standard. Register for this workshop online at, click on “Events” or call (203) 797-4527.

Lincoln Funeral Train

As part of the celebration of the sesquicentennial celebration of the Civil War there is an ongoing effort to reconstruct the Lincoln Funeral Train from 1865 and have it ready to retrace the original route of the train in 2015 to commemorate this special anniversary. The original train carried the body of Lincoln as well as that of his son Willie from Washington, D.C. to his hometown of Springfield, Illinois.


Recently while reading a World War Two book, The Path to Victory by Douglas Porch, I came across a word which I was unfamiliar with. The word is stonk which means a concentrated artillery bombardment. It is said to be formed from elements of the artillery term Standard Regimental Concentration. Bruce Cutler who was a poet who served in the Naples campaign in 1944 wrote a poem about it:

your stonk is your American way of winning the war

your stonk is when you take your whole production, Rock Island

Arsenal ’42 or whatever arsenal

in South Carolina, South Dakota, no difference

you throw it at the krauts from six to eight a.m.

maybe add a naval stonk to your stonk being the really big suckers that take out the little towns on the mountainsides…