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Book Hoarder

David Mason, the preeminent rare book dealer in Canada, has just published¬†a memoir of his life in the book trade. It is entitled The Pope’s Book Binder (reflecting on his having helped to bind a book for Pope John XXIII). He has been in the rare book trade for fifty years and has an inventory of 70,000 volumes in his Toronto store. One of his best customers is Alberto Manguel who is a writer, translator and lover of libraries. Manguel has a personal library of 30,000 volumes many of which he has purchsed from Mason.

James Rennell

James Rennell (1742-1830) was a man of many prodigious talents. He was a surveyor, mapmaker, explorer, soldier, writer and oceanographer. He was responsible for the first accurate mapping of India and nearly died in the attempt. His party was attacked by Sanashi Fakirs and he was critically wounded but survived. He feturned to England and published pioneering work on ocean drift. He is buried in Westminster Abbey.