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Michael Corcoran

Michael Corcoran (1827-1863) was born in Ballymote, County Sligo Ireland in 1827. He eventually emigrated to the United States in 1849. He became prominent in New York City politics. He also became the Colonel of the 69th New York Regiment (The famous Fighting 69th) and led it at the First Battle of Bull Run. He was captured in the battle and threatened with execution while in captivity. Eventually he was paroled and had dinner with President Lincoln. He became a divisional commander but died in a riding accident in 1863. There is a monument to him and the regiment in Ballymote.

A Singing Bibliophile

Recently I had the happy experience of seeingĀ Art Garfunkel perform atĀ the Palace Theatre in Danbury. I have long admired his singing talent and was not disappointed in this talent. But he is also a gifted poet, writer and raconteur between songs. If you go to his website he has a list of the books which he has read since 1968 and it is most impressive.

Sailor Extraordinaire

Joshua Slocum (1844-1909) was the first man to sail around the world single handedly. He recounted this feat in a book entitled Sailing Alone Around the World which was wildly popular. The critic, Arthur Ransome, wrote that “Boys who do not like this book ought to be drowned at once.” Sadly he set sail on a winter voyage in 1909 and was never heard from again.