James Tissot

James Tissot (1836-1902) was a skilled French artist who was a friend of Whistler and Degas. He had an enormously important career in France and then decided to move to England in 1871 where he replicated his previous success as a skilled society painter. He met Kathleen Newton who became his model, mistress, muse and the great love of his life. She died tragically in 1882 and he immediately returned to France. He had a profound religious experience in a Parisian Church where he saw a vision of Christ as the Comforter, with His arms around the homeless people of Paris. Thereafter he devoted his life to painting religious subjects and visited the Holy Land twice. The Brooklyn Museum has a large collection of his series on the Life of Christ. One of his greatest Biblical paintings is Saint Joseph Seeks a Lodging in Bethlehem.

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