Colonel Ira Wildman

Ira R. Wildman was one of the Danbury heroes of the Civil War.He was born in Danbury on March 10, 1850 and was a painter for a  time before moving to join his brother in Michigan. While there he enlisted in the 5th Michigan Cavalry by giving his age as 18 even though he was only 15. He served under George Armsrtong Custer and was present at the Appomattox surrender of Lee. After the war he reenlisted and served for 10 years in the Indian wars. He was instrumental in fostering a spirit of reconciliation between the Blue & Grey soldiers at the reunions he attended. His first wife died in 1933 and at the age of 85 he remarried Ella C. Bond who was considerably younger. He died in Danbury on January 31, 1939.

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