Famous Danbury Guests

A recent article about former Boston Mayor James Curley remided me of the fact that in 1947 Curley served part of his last term as mayor while an inmate at the correctional facility in Danbury (he had been convicted of mail fraud but was pardoned by President Truman after serving five months). Other famous residents include the Berrigan brothers: Daniel and Philip, both priests who served time in the early 70′s for their anti-war activities. The Watergate scandal of the Nixon administration brought G. Gordon Liddy and E. Howard Hunt to Danbury also in the 70′s, both convicted for their part in the break-in of Democratic National Committee headquarters among other charges–all committed in a plan to get Nixon re-elected.
Opened in 1940 as an all male facility, in 1988 the correctional facility transitioned to all women. New York hotelier Leona Helmsley served time for tax evasion in the early 90′s. Martha Stewart wanted to serve her time for stock fraud here but was sent to a Pennsylvania facility instead.

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