What’s Up with This Census?

The 10 question,10 minute 2010 census form is a puzzle to me. Yes, it’s easy to complete but what does it reveal about us besides a body count? Previous censuses are a treasure trove of info–genealogists are already chomping at the bit in anticipation of the release of the 1940 census in 2012 (a 72 year privacy ruling mandates this). Earlier censuses provide a snapshot of our country at that particular time–the 1930 census asks if a radio handset is owned, in 1970 “Do you have a television” was asked. Of course, some questions we can do without–in the 1800′s folks were asked if anyone in the home was “feeble, idiotic or insane”–if asked today that question would produce lawsuits and probably a reality TV show. In 2082 when the 2010 census is released historians and family resarchers will not find info about occupations, education level, income, military service revealed in the 2010 census.
You should fill out the 2010 form as it provides documentation which determines where and how tax dollars are spent. We do have the census forms here at the library for anyone who did not receive one. We also have a census worker on hand from 3-6 pm Monday through Thursday and Saturday 10-2 pm to help you fill out the form. This assistance is available until April 19th.

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