Reverend Amos Starr Cooke

Recently I was reading The Imperial Cruise which is about United States foreign policy in Asia. On page 151 of the book there is a reference to Reverend Amos Starr Cooke who from Danbury, Connecticut. I was intrigued by this reference and wanted to find out more about him. I was helped in this regard by Diane Hassan from the Danbury Museum who sent me some materials from their collection. Amos Starr Cooke was born in Danbury on 1 December, 1810 and graduated from Yale in 1834. He married Juliette Montague in 1836. They went as missionaries to Hawaii in 1837. They took charge of the education of the royal family and of the nobility of Hawaii. Juliette was a gifted music teacher who formed the students into an orchestra. After fourteen years of service Cooke was released from his duties. He then went into partnership with Samuel Northrup Castle. They formed Castle and Cooke which became one of the most successful enterprises in Hawaii. Amos died in 1871 in Hawaii.

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