A Human Dynamo

A colleague told me several days ago about a book he had read titled Agincourt: Henry V and the Battle that Made England by a woman named Juliet Barker. His enthusiasm for the book led me to find out more about Ms. Barker. She is an incredible author who certainly has a diverse range of interests. She has a doctorate from the University of Oxford in medieval history. She served as curator and librarian at the Bronte Parsonage and Museum for six years. She has written outstanding, multiple literary biographies of the Brontes and William Wordsworth. As if that career were not enough, she has also carved out a second career as the author of authoritative histories of medieval tournaments and the culture of chivalry. She has written major works on the Hundred Years War in addition to her Agincourt book. Please check out her website which, not unexpectedly, is a first-rate site. Pay particular attention to her blog. I should not be that surprised since I am sure her experience as a librarian taught her to multitask.

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