The Nordic Invasion

Hoping to cash in on the great success of Stieg Larsson’s trilogy, publishers are scrambling to bring other Nordic authors to our attention. However, mystery readers are already well acquainted with the many nordic authors who have been extremely popular the last few years.
Award-winning Swedish crime writer Henning Mankell author of the Kurt Wallander mysteries has been available here for a decade. From Norway we have Jo Nesbo whose detective Harry Hole is a throwback to American detectives of an earlier time. Iceland is the setting for author Arnaldur Indridason’s mysteries featuring brooding detective Edwardson. What is their great appeal? The setting is one factor– stark and dark much of the time–the locales are new to many readers. Also, these books are extremely well-written. Most of all it is the detectives who struggle with their own personal demons while solving some very clever mysteries who keep us coming back for more.

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