Desmond Young

Desmond Young is well-known as the author of a highly regarded biography about Field Marshal Erwin Rommel. The book is titled Rommel: The Desert Fox (there also was a movie based on the book). Young was a Brigadier-General in the British Army during World War Two and fought against Rommel and was captured by him. After his release at the end of the war he visited Rommel’s family in Germany and interviewed many of the surviving officers who served with Rommel. But in addition to his great biography of Rommel ,he also wrote a book on diving entitled The Man in the Helmet. It deals with diving from its earliest days and includes a fine portrait of Sir Robert Davis who was a prolific inventor and worked for (and became chairman of) Siebe, Gorman and Company which provided an incredible array of equipment for divers. Davis also introduced the iron lung to the United Kingdom as well as providing escape gear for submariners. His motto was ” Everything for safety everywhere, On Land, submerged, or in the air.”

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