Danbury Soldiers’ Monument

April 12, 2011 will mark the opening engagement of the Civil War. This bombardment of Fort Sumter by the Confederate forces took place in 1861 so this year marks the one hundred and fifthieth anniversary of the conflict. Danbury had a major role in the conflict and this role is acknowledged by the Soldiers’ Monument which is just outside the Danbury Library at the intersection of Main and West Streets. This beautiful monument is the earliest instance of a Connecticut town proposing to create a memorial of this type. Planning actually started in 1862 with optimism that the war would soon be over. Seventeen female inhabitants organized a “Monumental Association” and raised funds for the statue. Their plans did not reach fruition until May 27, 1880 when the formal dedication of the monument took place. Next time you visit the library be sure to pause and look at this beautiful monument and what it represents. It has two beautiful inscriptions on it: Front (east face): TO OUR BROTHERS, BELOVED, HONORED, REVERED, WHO DIED THAT OUR COUNTRY MIGHT LIVE.

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