The Mighty Ducks

In a storm south of the Aleutian Islands a cargo ship lost a container causing nearly 29,000 bath toys including 7,500 yellow rubber duckies to spill into the ocean. Author Donovan Hohn came across this story and embarked on a journey to determine where these brave little bath toys landed. His book about this adventure, Moby Duck, takes us to Chinese factories where the ducks are made, to the infamous Garbage Patch–a floating island of plastic trash north of Hawaii estimated to be at least the size of Texas and the coast of Maine where there were sightings.
Keep in mind the author was an English teacher whose fondness for Mellville’s Moby Dick is tied into this quest. A crew member on one of the ships would greet the author with “Hast seen the white whale?.” The author’s reply–”Hast seen the yellow duck?.”

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